Lyme Disease - The New Great Imitator: Diagnosis & Treatment of Tick-Borne Infections in Primary Care (March 2021 Webinar)


This half day virtual educational meeting (via Zoom) took place in March 2021 and focused on challenges faced by primary care clinicians in relation to the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease.  Most presentations were recorded.

This event was open to health professionals only and is of particular relevance to GPs, practice nurses, pharmacists, paramedics and those working in minor injury units across all parts of the UK and Ireland.

Learning Outcomes:
After watching the recordings, viewers should be able to:

  • outline the importance of early diagnosis and appropriate treatment in the prevention of persistent symptoms
  • confidently manage tick bites and treat early Lyme disease
  • access and use up to date guidelines on the treatment of Lyme disease
  • discuss the recognised scientific uncertainties and the need for further research in relation to both diagnosis and treatment.


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Diagnosing and managing Lyme disease in Primary Care settings.

Dr Anne Cruikshank, GP Oxfordshire, RCGP Clinical Champion for Lyme disease (2018-2019)


Lessons from a GP’s personal experience of tick bites and Lyme disease.

Dr Rachael Llewelyn, GP Somerset, Member of RCGP Lyme Disease Spotlight Project.


Questions around Lyme disease & the challenge of diagnosis and treatment.

Dr Zahra Husain, GP London, co-author of RCGP Lyme disease Toolkit and member of RCGP Lyme Disease Spotlight Project.


Chronic Infections With Lyme And Other Tickborne Pathogens.

Professor John (Jack) Lambert Consultant in Infectious Diseases, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital/ University College Dublin, Ireland. Lead Trustee of Lyme Resource Centre.


Lyme Disease: Question and Answer Session.

Dr Anne Cruikshank, Dr Rachael Llewelyn, Dr Zahra Husain & Professor John (Jack) Lambert




Interactive Q&A session with all speakers (PDF file)