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Please help us by donating to the following important projects


Healthcare Professional Training

Healthcare professional education is essential, as it will help GPs to diagnose Lyme disease based on clinical symptoms after likely exposure to a tick bite, and pharmacists and nurses to differentiate between a ‘bullseye’ rash indicating Lyme disease and other rashes.

Help us raise £20,000 to run workshops and seminars, and to develop educational materials to support those who care for patients.

Donate towards:

Improve Lyme Diagnostics

There is no accepted PCR test for Lyme, and we depend on antibody tests which currently miss half of all cases and there are currently no tests for the co-infections.

The consequences of misdiagnosis for patients can be and are often life changing. Help us to raise £50,000 to start pilot studies that can be used to look at optimal
treatment for Lyme.

Donate towards:

Community Education

Young people participating in outdoor pursuits often require medical care years after exposure to ticks, with ‘mystery illnesses’ turning out to be Lyme disease. Let’s educate young people and their parents through their youth organisations on tick awareness and prevention of Lyme disease.

We are targeting £50,000 to train youth, youth organisations and help prevent the diseases associated with tick bites.

Donate towards:

Research on Optimal Treatment

We hear that Lyme disease is easy to diagnose, easy to treat, and that after two weeks of antibiotics the Lyme bacteria is gone – this
is often not the case. Some patients need longer courses of treatment and combination treatments to treat both the Lyme disease and other co-infections. Help us to raise £50,000 to start
pilot studies that can be used to look at optimal treatment for Lyme.

Donate towards:

Tick Signage Project

We have successfully partnered with councils in Scotland and Ireland to place signs and offer tick
removers in at-risk areas, to warn the public of the risks, and to allow them to safely enjoy the outdoors. 

We need to partner with other councils and outdoor organisations in across the UK and Ireland, and are targeting £100,000 to roll out our signage project in other at-risk areas.

Donate towards:

Other donation methods


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Lyme Resource Centre
97 Pettycur Road

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In the UK, you can also donate by text.

Text LYME 10 to 70450 to donate £10

Texts cost £10 plus one standard rate message and you’ll be opting in to hear more about our work and fundraising via telephone and SMS. If you’d like to give £10 but do not wish to receive marketing communications, text LYMENOINFO 10 to 70450.

The above works with any value - just change 10 to the value you want to donate.

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