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2nd European Crypto-Infections Conference 2020

The 2nd European Crypto-Infections Conference was held between 26th-27th September 2020.

A One Health look behind the science of Lyme Disease and co-infections. It will was held via Zoom because of restrictions on indoor gatherings in Dublin.

Crypto-infections, which include tick- borne bacterial pathogens and others, are well recognised as a significant burden of disease in both human and animal hosts. However, much remains to be done to further diagnose, understand the underlying pathogenesis, and optimally treat these infections.

This conference brought together a wide range of scientists, both in human and veterinary medicine and in other disciplines dealing with these infections, to share their current knowledge of these infections and to develop a ‘blueprint’ to progress our study of these infections.

The conference was designed for research PhDs, scientists, medical doctors, and other medical professionals in appropriate fields. In addition, the general public with an interest in these topics were also encouraged to attend.



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