Borrelia miyamotoi Serology in a Clinical Population With Persistent Symptoms and Suspected Tick-Borne Illness

Published Date
Frontiers in Medicine
Front Med (Lausanne). 2020; 7: 567350
Delaney SL
Murray LA
Aasen CE
Bennett CE
Brown E
Fallon BA

Eighty-two patients seeking consultation for long-term sequalae after suspected tick-borne illness were consecutively tested for Borrelia miyamotoi antibodies using a recombinant glycerophosphodiester phosphodiesterase (GlpQ) enzyme immunoassay. Twenty-one of the 82 patients (26%) tested positive on the GlpQ IgG ELISA. Nearly all of the patients (98%) had no prior B. miyamotoi testing, indicating that clinicians rarely test for this emerging tick-borne pathogen. Compared to patients who solely tested positive for Lyme disease antibodies, patients with B. miyamotoi antibodies presented with significantly more sleepiness and pain. A prospective study is needed to ascertain the relationship between the presence of B. miyamotoi antibodies and persistent symptoms.

Keywords: Borrelia miyamotoi disease; Lyme disease; borreliosis; post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome; relapsing fever borrelia; serodiagnosis.