Potential Persistent Borrelia Infection and Response to Antibiotic Therapy; a Clinical Case Study and Review of Recent Literature

Published Date
Antibiotics (Basel)
Antibiotics (Basel). 2019 Dec; 8(4): 223
Moysa C
Murtagh R
Lambert JS

This report describes the case of an individual who was clinically diagnosed with Lyme borreliosis and initially responded to standard antibiotic therapy. Subsequent to treatment cessation, the patient experienced symptomatic rebound and failed to respond to a second course of the same antibiotic. The patient was eventually diagnosed with both Borrelia and Anaplasma infections by serological testing performed in a private laboratory. Following a two-month course of combination antibiotic therapy, the patient responded clinically, with a return to almost normal functioning. We discuss this case in the context of recent pre-clinical research examining potential Borrelial persistence despite antibiotic therapy.