Early-stage lyme borreliosis during pregnancy: treatment in 15 women with erythema migrans

Published Date
Československá gynaekologie
Cesk Gynekol . 1993 Oct;58(5):229-32
Hercogova, J
Tomankova M
Frosslova D
Janovska D

The authors treated and followed-up since July 1987 9 women with non-complicated erythema migrans and 4 women with erythema migrans associated with general signs and symptoms during pregnancy; two patients were treated only after delivery. For treatment antibiotics of the penicillin series were used. The course of gestation in 14 patients was without complications, one patient was followed-up on account of oedema of the lower extremities. The infants of 14 women were born in term, one infant was born during the 37th week of gestation. All infants were eutrophic. Umbilical blood for serological examination was collected from 8 infants, elevated IgG antibody levels against Borrelia burgdorferi were detected in one. The post-partum development of all infants was normal. During the subsequent follow-up for 6-26 months elevated antibodies against Borrelia burgdorferi were not found in any of the 4 infants subjected to serological examination. One child was operated at the age of one year on account of a patent ductus arteriosus, another child was treated at the age of two years on account of cryptorchism, two children were treated on account of hypoplastic enamel, in one infant at the age of 10 months the psychomotor development was retarded by two months. Transplacental transmission of Borrelia burgdorferi was not proved. With regard to the variety of the observed deviations and the small number of data the problem of a possible teratogenic action of this spirochete remains open.

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