2nd European Crypto-Infections Conference 2020

Crypto-infections Conference

A Zoom conference only, because of Dublin COVID-19 restrictions

The 2nd European Crypto-Infections Conference will be held on 26th-27th September 2020 - a One Health look behind the science of Lyme Disease and co-infections. It will be held via Zoom only because of restrictions on indoor gatherings in Dublin.

Crypto-infections,which include tick- borne bacterial pathogens and others, are well recognised as a significant burden of disease in both human and animal hosts. However, much remains to be done to further diagnose, understand the underlying pathogenesis, and optimally treat these infections.

This conference will bring together a wide range of scientists, both in human and veterinary medicine and in other disciplines dealing with these infections, to share their current knowledge of these infections and to develop a ‘blueprint’ to progress our study of these infections. A provisional agenda is attached below.

Saturday 26th September 2020: 13:00 - 18:25
Sunday 27th September 2020: 08:00 - 16:00

Location: Virtual on Zoom

Cost: €50 for Zoom attendance

Target Audience: The conference is designed for research PhDs, scientists, medical doctors, and other medical professionals in appropriate fields. In addition, the general public with an interest in these topics are also encouraged to attend.

To register, please complete the form at https://www.iddoctor.info/crypto-infections-conference

Following on from a very successful 2019 conference, this will be one not to miss.


Time Title Presenter
Introduction Prof Jack Lambert
One Health: Forming collaborations that transcend disciplinary boundaries Dr Cheryl Stroud
PCR for crypto-infections diagnosis in patients with PTLDS: Comparison of matrices (venous blood, capillary blood, urine and saliva) Prof Christian Perronne
Clinical spectrum of persistent Bartonella infection and important considerations in Diagnosis and Treatment Dr B Robert Mozayeni
Hiding in the body: metamorphoses of Lyme disease spirochetes Dr. Natasha Rudenko
Late Lyme carditis Samantha Bishop, Hasibul Haque, Dr Vett Lloyd
Borrelia bissettii in Canada Samantha Bishop, Dr Vett Lloyd
Tissue distribution of B. burgdorferi and B. miyamotoi in wildlife Chris Zinck, Dr Vett Lloyd
Uptake and intracellular processing of borreliae by human macrophages Prof Stefan Linder
Pioneering Dutch Lyme Patients, Inspired By The AIDS Movement: The United Strategic Path From NO HEALTH To ONE HEALTH Fred Verdult
How to make a disease disappear Michael Cook
PCR for crypto-infections diagnosis in patients with PTLDS : Correlation with clinical signs Prof. Christian Perronne
Lyme Triad - A Research Study To Advance Our Knowledge Of Treatment Of Tick-Borne Infections Prof Jack Lambert
Assessing the tick infection prevalence in an emerging region for Lyme disease Julie Lewis
Babesiosis - a one health approach Dr Willie Weir
'Chronic Lyme Disease': a model for persistent pathogen involvement in chronic disease: an expression of interest application to the MRC Dr Karl Morten
Unravelling Some of the Complexities of Laboratory Testing in Lyme disease and Other Infections Dr Armin Schwarzbach
Neglected Infections And Gastrointestinal Issues In Patients With Late / Persistent / Chronic Vector-Borne Infections Tanja Mijatovic
Specific Borrelia phages as new strategies for diagnostics Louis Teulieres
Lyme Disease: Columbia research, treatment trials, and future directions Dr Brian Fallon
Tick bites in pregnancy - How are the offspring affected: lessons from animal models, application to humans Prof Jack Lambert
Endocarditis, a common pathology caused by chronic Bartonella infections in both animals and humans Dr Bruno Chomel