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Schools, colleges and other educational facilities can play a vital role in protecting staff and pupils by raising awareness of the steps needed to protect against ticks bites and Lyme disease. Ticks are tiny, their bites are painless and can easily go unnoticed. 

Young children are potentially more vulnerable to tick-borne diseases because they are physically low to the ground, where the ticks are. They play in leaves, roll on grass, hug their pets, which all increase their exposure to ticks. Older children are potentially at risk of tick bites during outward bound activities such as camping and hiking. 

The tell tale ‘bullseye’ rash of Lyme disease may be unusual, misdiagnosed or absent. Other symptoms of Lyme disease can be non-specific, vague and changeable. Children can’t always explain what feels wrong, and parents may assume that their child is tired or stressed rather than ill.

Tick Awareness is the key to enjoying the outdoors safely.


LRC Awareness Materials for Schools

Please take a look at our free resources and ideas for schools: 

Resources for primary schools:

Resources for senior schools:

LRC awareness materials

Advice on tick awareness for outdoor excursions:

Other ways to raise awareness in schools:

Please get in touch with us at if we can help in developing tick awareness projects in your school. 

This is an example of how one very enterprising student raised awareness whilst also fundraising for LRC. 

Tick safety in schools


The Young Enterprise Company "In-Seed Out* from St. Peter the Apostle High School in Clydebank won runner up to the best company in the Dunbartonshire Finals. Their company was in support of their teacher Mrs Pauline Bowie, a long-term Lyme sufferer and ambassador for LRC, their primary function was to raise awareness of Lyme disease and tick-borne illnesses.

With the support of their MSP Marie McNair and local councillor Sophie Traynor and director of education in West Dunbartonshire have managed to get tick safety into all West Dunbartonshire schools this May, we hope to build on this with a full education scheme of work across all stages in schools.

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