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Image by Zhi Xuan Hew
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Crypto-Infections Meeting 2023 Agenda v22-1.jpg

17th June - 18th June


at the Catherine Mc Auley Centre


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The Third international ‘CryptoConference’ will be held in Dublin Ireland June 17th to 18th 2023.  ‘Crypto’ refers to occult infections which are hard to diagnose and hard to treat.  The theme of the third conference is ‘microbial persistence’, which is the way that these occult infections evade the immune system and evade routine diagnostic techniques. We have invited a range of clinicians and basic scientists from the USA, Canada, and throughout the European Union, to spend two days in Dublin. The topics to be addressed include Borrelia, Bartonella, Babesia, and a range of other microbial pathogens.  Lectures will be provided that will appeal to primary care doctors (general practitioners) on the subject of Lyme and Long COVID, as well as more basic science lectures that will appeal to bench researchers as well as clinicians.

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