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Lyme Disease is an increasingly common bacterial infection that is acquired from the bite of an infected tick.  The most common tick in Western Europe is Ixodes ricinus, known by various names including the Castor Bean Tick, Deer Tick, Sheep Tick, or "Sciortan" in Irish.

Defendants settle in Torrey vs. IDSA US Lyme lawsuit

As of 16th November 2020, all eight insurers have now settled in the US lawsuit on Lyme disease, Torrey vs. IDSA et al. The lawsuit was brought by 24 Lyme disease patients in the US against the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), 8 insurance companies, and 6 physicians involved in writing and enforcing the IDSA guidelines.

The suit focuses on the denial of longer courses of antibiotics to patients under the IDSA guidelines, which rigidly hold that 10-to-28-day courses almost always eliminate Lyme infection.