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Living Well - Living Well with Lyme Disease


11 Jan 2022

Your toolkit for better health Are you living with LYME DISEASE?

Examples include (but are not limited to) Rash at site of bite or on other parts of your body, unexplained hair loss, tiredness, aches and loss of energy etc.

What is the Living Well programme?

Living Well is a FREE online group programme, delivered over seven workshops 5hrs x 1 introduction & 2.5hrs x6) that helps people to better manage t and daily life, It gives participants the skills to co-ordinate all the things needed to manage their health as well as keep active in their lives and relationships.

Why join the Living Well programme?

People who are supported in this way increase their knowledge skills and confidence to better manage their health in partnership with their health care provider.

Subjects taught:

  • Techniques to deal with problems such as frustration, fatigue, pain and isolation.

  • Appropriate exercise for maintaining and improving strength, flexibility, and endurance

  • Appropriate use of medications

  • Communicating effectively with family, friends, and health professionals

  • Nutrition

  • Decision making

  • How to evaluate new treatments


Starting on Thursday April 21st from 10.30am -1.00 pm for 7 Weeks - Places Available

How: For more information or to register, contact the Living Well Coordinator

Leah Harrington Phone: +353873654392 Email:

or Visit:

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