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Lyme Resource Centre welcomes our new patron

The Right Reverend Dr Christopher Herbert

Date: Jan 2024

“We are thrilled to welcome The Right Reverend Dr Christopher Herbert as patron of our charity Lyme Resource Centre. 

Dr Herbert’s passion for raising awareness of Lyme disease has been primarily driven by his granddaughter’s ill health following a tick bite and a subsequently delayed diagnosis of Lyme disease. 

Dr Herbert was ordained as a priest in Hereford in 1967. He was appointed  Bishop of St Albans (1995-2009) and is a former member of the House of Lords (1999-2009). He  presently holds the post of Visiting Professor of Christian Ethics at School of Medical Sciences, University of Surrey.

He brings a wealth of experience in the fields of Education, Health and Social Care Ethics and has a genuine commitment to making a positive impact both for individuals and through our work as a charity. 


Together, we look forward to creating meaningful change and fostering a brighter future for those affected by Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses.”

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