Our Team


Prof. John (Jack) Lambert

Our lead trustee, Prof. John (Jack) Lambert, is a Professor in Medicine and Infectious Diseases at Mater Misericordiae University Hospital and UCD School of Medicine, Dublin, with both extensive clinical and research expertise.

He has been director of the National Isolation Unit for Highly Infectious Diseases at the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital and a member of the National Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Committee of the HSE. He has also been involved in the Sexual Health Strategy group in Ireland and teaching GPs in Ireland on the subject of STDs. He has been Fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health since 2000 and Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians since 2005.

He has presented widely in the field of Lyme and co-infections since 2016 through EU and USA conferences supported by the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS). He has undertaken specialist training through ILADS and has significant experience of treating Lyme Disease and co-infections.

He organised and ran the 1st and 2nd European Crypto-Infections Conferences, looking at the science behind Lyme Disease and co-infections, held in Dublin in May 2019 and online in September 2020.

Arlene Brailey

Arlene Brailey is a registered pharmacist who worked as Assistant Director of NHS Education for Scotland (Pharmacy) for over 20 years. She now provides consultancy work to the NHS and as the patient support officer for an antibiotic research charity. In 2020 she was honoured to be designated as a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain for “distinction in the Profession of Pharmacy”.

She is also a carer for her son, who was bitten by a tick while hill walking in the Scottish Highlands in his teens, and has suffered with Lyme disease and co-infections.

Her role in the charity is to provide expertise on education, and knowledge of healthcare/NHS education pathways.

James Davies

James' wife has been and is still afflicted by Lyme Disease and co-infections. After some research into the symptoms of the infections, he feels it necessary to make people aware of the severe ill health it causes to sufferers.

He has 15 years experience in dealing with the governance and monitoring of charities and knowledge of the documentation and regulations that charities have to follow in order to comply with OSCR. He is also aware of the various funding streams that hopefully could provide funds to raise awareness of the disease.

Team Members

Monica Wilde

Monica Wilde is a Research Herbalist (M.Sc. Herbal Medicine, University of Central Lancashire) with a special interest in concommitant prescribing of drugs, herbs and nutrients. Recognising the financial hardship that many Lyme patients find themselves in, she has run a low income Lyme clinic since 2015.

Research has shown that some herbal products are effective against Lyme on a par with antibiotics. As many Lyme patients find that an integrated medicine approach gives them the best support and results, she is committed to working with clinical practitioners across disciplines.

Monica is helping the charity by documenting the use of herbs alongside prescription and OTC medicines to increase knowledge, assure safety, and develop understanding of best practice. She is also organising CPD training in Lyme protocols and support for herbal medicine practitioners.

Michael J Cook

Michael J Cook, was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2009 after retiring from a career in the semiconductor industry, leading teams in research and production engineering. With a BSc in Physics and Mathematics, he has applied his analytical skills to investigate many aspects of the disease. Since 2015, he has published papers on the inaccuracy of stated tick attachment times and the unreliability of commercial Lyme testing. He has presented his work at Lyme conferences in Paris and Boston as well as to the members of the House of Commons, medical and local government, environmental and health agencies.

He works as an advocate for Lyme patients and carried out the technical investigation of a UK Lyme Reference Laboratory, which was closed down. He is a trustee of the Vis-a-Vis Symposium charity which brings experts from around the world to speak to UK medical professionals, and continues to work on various aspects of Lyme disease and participating with patients, support groups, UK medical organisations and government agencies and committees.


Rico Franchi

My name is Rico Franchi. I’m a singer/songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland. I’ve been battling Lyme disease for over ten years now and have been fortunate enough to use my music as a vehicle to create awareness and raise funds for Lyme charities. Being such a misunderstood illness, means that people rarely receive the support they need and deserve. It’s a very lonely journey, with many friends and family members often forgetting how ill we are on the inside, because we look well on the outside. We’re forced to smile and push through pain, fatigue and other sinister symptoms because there’s no alternative solution. The unpredictability of flare ups leaves us living in constant fear over what might arise next. We need a voice, and I’m happy and honoured to be part of that voice. Let’s raise more awareness and push harder for answers to help a growing community whose questions need answers.