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Image by George Hiles

Raising awareness

Could you help us to raise awareness?

Perhaps you could give a talk about ticks, protecting ourselves against tick bites, and what symptoms to look out for if bitten? We have lots of training materials and awareness materials like posters and leaflets which you could help put up in local facilities and outdoor amenities. We can also provide training for those wishing to give talks to local groups or schools.

The more people that understand the dangers that ticks can pose, and how to prevent or remove bites, the safer they will be enjoying the beautiful outdoor spaces that Scotland offers.  

Easter Breich Community Wood

Easter Breich Community Wood in West Lothian is raising awareness amongst the local community by installing Lyme Resource Centre outdoor signs and displaying LRC awareness materials on their stall at the Community Woods and Garden, Polbeth open day.


"Lots of interest and many people saying that they had seen the LRC material before and it had helped them to deal with tick encounters." 

Easter Breich.jpeg
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