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Angus Walker's #TickOff4040Challenge

A huge thank you to Angus Walker! In the year he ticks off hitting the ripe old age of 40 he's raising money for Lyme Resource Centre by aiming to ride at least 4040km throughout 2021 as part of his #TickOff4040Challenge!

"In the 8 years following her rash after a tick bite and despite early treatment with the recommended antibiotics my Dad's Wife, Sarah, has developed ongoing pain, muscular and neurological symptoms which have significantly impacted her normally active lifestyle. Being heard and believed is an ongoing battle. This could happen to any one of us who enjoys an outdoor lifestyle."

He hopes to help by increasing the profile of the reality of tick-borne infections and raising money to support the Lyme Resource Centre, funding much needed research and publicity. Follow his progress over the months at:

Having raised £600 in the first 4 days, he has got off to a good start. We wish him lots of success in raising funds but also, crucially, in helping raise awareness.

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