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Image by Zhi Xuan Hew

Tick Bite Prevention Week
24th - 30th March 2024


As many of us head outdoors to enjoy the spring weather, here are a few reminders about how to avoid the risk of tick bites and Lyme disease: 

  1. The best way to prevent Lyme disease is to avoid being bitten. 

  2. Avoid exposing bare skin. Wear long sleeves and tuck trousers into socks. Light-coloured clothing may help you to see ticks more easily.

  3. Use an insect repellent which is effective against ticks during hiking or other outdoor activities.

  4. Treat your clothing with the insect repellent permethrin before you set out if you can. 

  5. Keep to well-maintained paths and avoid walking in long grass. 

  6. Carry a tick removal tool.

  7. Check yourself, your children and your pets regularly for ticks and brush off any that are unattached. Shower and do a thorough tick check after being outside. Don’t forget the groin, hairline, behind the ears, and places where ticks are hard to spot.


Our website resources can provide more information:


  • Read more about ticks and how to manage tick bites here

  • Learn how to recognise the signs and symptoms of Lyme disease here

  • See our range of awareness materials - available to order or download here

  • LRC outdoor initiatives - look out for our unique outdoor signage.

  • Blog link: Embracing the Great Outdoors: Balancing Nature’s benefits with Tick Bite Prevention

  • LRC tick removal cards are available to purchase here 


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